We have a long history of organists that
have performed here.  Here are pictures
of many of them.  We apologize for any
omissions or spelling errors.

Enjoy the pictures!
Dale Zieger  (1973)
Ty Woodward
Clark Wilson
Lew Williams  (1998)
Pearl White (1964)
Bill Thomson
Bill Tandy
Walt Strony
John Steele (1997)
Scott Smith
Ralph Ringstad Jr. (1996)
Jim Riggs
Rosa Rio (1996)
Paul Roberts (1995)
Fr. Andrew Rogers (1999)
David Russell
Ken Saliba
John Seng
Tom Sheen (1964)
Rob Richards
Robin Richmond (1976)
Ron Rhode
Bob Ralston
Jimmy Paulin (1971)
Tony O'Brien (1998)
Jonas Nordwall
Jerry Nagano
John Muri
Jack Moelmann
Lyn Larsen
Allen Mills
Fr. Jim Miller
Ashley Miller
Lance Luce
Arnold Loxam
Rich Lewis
Ann Leaf
Susan Lewandowski
John Ledwon
Chris Elliott
Lee Erwin
Scott Foppiano
Joel Gary
Larry Ferrari
Jack Gustafson
Tom Hazleton
Herb Head
Lee Hohner
Russell Holmes
Virg Howard
Dennis James
Don Jenks
Neil Jensen
Kevin King
Rex Koury
George Krejci
Patti Simon / Dick Kroeckel
Maria Kumagai
Jelani Eddington
Lloyd Del Castillo
Ken Double
Karl Cole
Rick Cucchi
Rob Calcaterra
Gaylord Carter
Harry Bunnell
Ernest Broadbent
George Blackmore
Fr. Bill Biebel
Dan Bellomy
Charlie Balogh
Don Baker
Barry Baker
Lowell Ayers
Melissa Ambrose
Dan Seemer
Steve Schlesing
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Senate Theater
6424 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI   48210
Telephone (313) 894-0850
Here are some "new"
pictures from 2012 of our
renovated inner Lobby area
with new lighting fixtures
and comfortable seating.

Also, here is a picture of
our expanded stage.  The
organ and piano are now
both on rolling dollies.

Click on the pictures to
enlarge them.
Featuring the Mighty 4/34 Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ
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